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Pain as an indicator of health

Pain is a signal sent to your brain via the nervous system which can indicate that something is wrong. Too often this protective mechanism is used to measure and define whether you are healthy or not. An assumption is that if you are not in pain (or at least significant pain) then you must be healthy. However, pain is often the last symptom of dysfunction in the body.

Using pain as an assessment tool is not a reliable gauge of your health. Pain and its perception are extremely complicated and modifiable. Many factors can influence this such as physical, chemical, and mental health.

Waiting until you are in significant pain or suffering to seek treatment may not be the most sustainable approach to optimal health. Not only can it have a positive impact on your quality of life, but it can also alter the recovery process.

Preventative care and early detection are better ways of managing your health. Preventative care assesses and addresses potential areas of dysfunction before they become a problem. We understand that life can get in the way sometimes and that prevention is not always possible. As humans, we naturally downplay our symptoms based on urgency. Looking after others can also mean your health is put on the back burner but putting yourself first can have an invaluable impact on the future. Allowing you and those around you to live life to the fullest potential without impending pain and suffering.

At David Wright Chiropractic, we take a thorough history and perform an extensive physical examination to identify areas of dysfunction before, during and after symptoms arise. Management plans are tailored individually to each patient. Take control of your health today and book an appointment today.


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